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Doodah is a professional singer, songwriter and composer from several years. She loves music since her childhood. In fact, she won several competitions by singing Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and it is through the Gospel music that Doodah discovered her passion for singing. During several years she was in different bands singing Nina Simone, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse (one of her favorite singer - they were born same day same year) and many others. 
Meanwhile, since 2009 she has been writing her songs drawn from her own history and she performed with the guitarist and composer Joris Amann and also other musicians according to the events (bass, drums). The greatest artists of Motown are a source of inspiration for Doodah and she has chosen the soul music in order to express herself.

Participations: Miss and Mister Swiss Romande, Montreux Palace, Vevey, Cycling Federation of Aigle, Geneva Fests, Zoe Live Bar Geneva, Chat Noir Geneva, Geneva Servette Stadium, Switch Vibration, Hotel le Leysin, Migros events, end-of-year surgeons of Lausanne events, International Festival of Oriental Film of Geneva (FIFOG), Weddings and private events in Geneva and Antibes South of France etc.

Her repertory is varied style piano bar / soul (for the meal) / current music to dance (Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and many others)

Events / Weddings / Engagements / Anniversaries / Private Parties / Corporate Events etc.