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Darin Angelov

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Darin Angelov is a third generation actor. Has a twin brother also an actor. He studied acting at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. He is acting on stage with the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" Company and Youth Theatre "N. Binev" Company since 2001. Notable theatrical performances include:


  • Mozart-"Amadeus"(2004),

  • Pavel - "Hushove"(2004),

  • Jerry Lukovski-"Full monty" (2007),

  • Brindsley Miller - "Black Comedy"(2008),

  • Proteus-"Two Gentlemen of Verona"(2009),

  • Lot-"The Earth Kingdom"(2013)


First starring role was in the film "A calorie tenderness". Has appeared in many music videos, commercials, TV shows. Known for:



With his brother they vocalize the crazy "Ice Age" opossums, the actor gives his voice to Eddie. The actor has roles in cinema in Bulgarian and international productions. He is one of the most sought-after actors in Bulgaria and is definitely proving to be one of the most brilliant and talented stars of the Bulgarian Theater and Cinema.

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