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Galin has grown in a musical family, inheriting the musical talent of his father and grandfather, who are folk musicians. The artiste from a little one is engaged in art. From a child is extremely talented, at the age of 7 he plays piano, drums, guitar, synthesizer, accordion, etc. He also appeared as a folk performer in his father's orchestra - "Izvor". The performer graduated from a secondary music school with a profile of percussion instruments and pop music. The entertainer plays piano, percussion instruments and xylophone. He is the most original star of the young generation performers. His voice is a wide-range, specific tenor with a unique aperture. Over time, the singer has managed to make his own musical style by combining singing and rapping in his songs, and to the usual pop-folk sound he adds elements of rap, R & B, rock and so on. In addition to an excellent performer, he is also the author of the lyrics and music of much of his songs. The artiste is one of the most wanted for collaborative work. He has concerts in Spain, Macedonia, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and others. The singer is very artistic and has acting talent.

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