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Tita  is a Bulgarian pop singer, actress, model and the hottest new artist on the Bulgarian pop scene. The singer inherited the musical passion from her family. After participating in a children's competition, her father finds that she has talent. The little performer starts serious work - participation in music studios, hard work with a music pedagogue with the help of which she reaches the top. The entertainer rose to fame in late 2014 after participating in X Factor Bulgaria. The singer demonstrated her talent and abilities as part of the TV show in the women's trio "Sweet 16", where she shone not only vocally but also distinguished from the other girls with her stage performance. She is also one of the finalists in the season 7 of the popular TV show "AS TWO DROPS OF WATERand she was part of the jury of the "Stars inside us" directed by   KIRIL KIROV - KIKO

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