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The Permanent Mission of Bulgaria to the UN in Geneva and the Association for Bulgarian Culture, Education and Traditions "Dr. Stamen Grigorov" was hosting and celebrating the most important holiday 🎉 - the Day of Awakening with the the screening of the film 🎦 "Vaklush".

This is a film about the life and ideas of one of Bulgaria's most enigmatic personalities, filmed over the course of 20 years.


Sentenced to death, declared an "enemy of the people", he survived the political camps of communism. For him, suffering does not exist, and evil is unevolved good.


A heretic to dogmatists, Vaklush defended the rights of the soul and taught that man is an evolving god. When contradictions become more than knowledge, there is a need for Enlightenment.


For the first time in the world Vaklush Tolev gives a Doctrine of the hierarchy of Spiritual waves and proclaims the next one – the Wave of Wisdom. Following the Teachings of Righteousness and of Love, the Teaching of Wisdom is the next logical step in the hierarchy of the Seven Spiritual Waves.


Vaklush Tolev has spoken on a lot of subjects from the perspective of the Way of Wisdom Teaching, related to the spiritual, cultural and historical life in man's individual and social being. The ideas of Vaklush Tolev are not only astute interpretations in the fields of religious study, philosophy, history, sociology, etc. They are a contribution to the future as a vision of humanity’s presence in the Third Millennium with the Culture of Wisdom.

Jacqueline Toleva, the poet Vladimir Levchev and the director of the film Nikolay Vasilev were special guests of the event. 🙏🏼 Special thanks to all of them for shared vigilance… 🙏🏼


🎦 The celebration continues with the broadcast of Vaklush on November 04 in Vevey.

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