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The Secret Garden SHOW

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The Secret Garden  Show - Since the day they were created, the dancers have managed to carry out many unique parties in the best clubs in Bulgaria /Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Varna, Dobrich, Sunny Beach, Albena, Lozenetc, etc, /The girls boast more and more successful events abroad – in Romania, Zurich - Switzerland, Italy and their indisputably greatest success so far – their partnership with the International Fashion Channel "FTV" in Bahrain and Dubai! In the summer as well the best dancers have worked for Top Hill Club in Budva - Montenegro. Also in fashion show–revues, which were organized in connection with the official launch of a label in Bulgaria and fashion shows for the world-famous labels for underwear and beachwear – “Sloggi” and “Triumf”. They combine dance performance and fashion show elements in one. They have had advertising contracts with the biggest agency in Bulgaria and danced on the stage with world-class DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Bob Sinclar, Pete Tong, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanches, Victor Calderone, Sandy Rivera, Steve Angello, Dimitry from Paris… and many others. You can see a new type of performance - pure impressionism, which makes people fantasize and transcend into another world… one of fairy tales and beauty. The party is a mixture of music, club lighting and incredible dancing, together with the most exotic costumes. The girls use special fairy tale decors. For some of the parties the dancers come on the stage wearing underwear by leading international labels like “Triumf”, “Sloggi”, “Seven Seconds”, “La DolceVita” and “Flirt” in combination with huge wings and hats with feathers. The club where the event is performed turns into a real garden in which fantastic creatures appear, as well as angels and birds... and huge real plants. The dancers prepared several brand new party projects – “Candy Shop”, “Wonderland”, “Pirate story” and “Alice in Wonderland”. The girls are inspired by the fantasy world of “Alice in Wonderland” and the parties are again connected with the world of fantasy, reflected through the prism of contemporary reality. In “Candy shop” we can see the most delicious and sweet things in life come alive. The guests meet dancing lollipops, sexy sweets, princess tortellini and delicious ice-creams. In “Wonderland” you see the wonders from the fairy tales appear before you, there are wondrous creatures walking about, princesses, dwarfs, elves – they are all real – contemporary characters. In wonderland every guest will stand between fantasy and reality, the characters from the stage and the fairyland decor are able to make them get lost somewhere in there...The “Alice in Wonderland” and “Pirate story” shows combine elements of an avant-garde fashion show, theatrical play and a dance performance. In the land of fantasies – the dancers will bring to life some characters of their most interesting art costumes.​

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