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VOLT SHOW - Attractions of your event will be the incredible robots. Dance, erotic, visual effects, men, women and robots - all of that can be seen in the unique spectacle. Half man and half robot with a woman - are the new generation drones. Their main aims are to open the gates of the mind and emotions of your customers for an unforgettable experience, filed with the boundless space of the human imagination and insatiable thirst for bold, irritant and breath-taking experiences. The first female dance robot filed with irresistible female sexual magnetism. The new cosmic light entertainment is a combination of high-tech LED lights, interactive cyber suits, smoke gun and ArDron. This is a completed spectacle that mixes your perceptions of erotic, fantasy and mythology. With special weapons which spread condensed carbon dioxide at four meters, illuminated in various colours, the dancers will draw an impressionistic pictures of sounds and lights in your club space and will recreate the atmosphere of Hollywood film classics like "Star Wars", "Real steal", "I Robot" and “Terminator”. Their entertainment program lets you make a unique compliment to your customers, taking them out from the routine of well-known party into the space-time continuum to an unforgettable emotional and erotic explosion of the future.

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