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Boriana Dimitrova

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Boriana Dimitrova has been attracted to the dance art since childhood when she was actively engaged in classical ballet. After a while by coincidence she discovered the oriental dance and it grabs her heart completely. She travels to Egypt and Jordan, where she meets closely with the Arab culture. She teaches in several dance studios, where she develops successful groups, participates in various program shows and spectacles. Now the belly dancer is a chief teacher and choreographer for oriental dances. The belly dancer received her training by the world famous Oriental Dance Masters, with whom she studied various styles of dance. She continues to attend their and others seminars. The belly dancer has won awards from prestigious international competitions for professionals in the field of oriental dances. In addition to dancing, she is also a graduate doctor. She has a different look at the impact of the dance on the body, the positive effects on physical and mental health, proper nutrition and the necessary physical activity. She knows the mechanics of the movements to be performed in a safe way, she appreciates the combination of dance with different health conditions such as discopathy, pregnancy and others. She is performer of many Bulgarian and international scenes, spectacles and show programs for oriental art, participations in various oriental festivals. She is searched artiste for participations of various events in Bulgaria, Europe and the Republic of Maldives. The belly dancer has appearances as a mentor in various TV shows, numerous Oriental parties and events. Her elegant oriental belly dance show is for different events.  The program will add an exotic flavor to your event and is suitable for a variety of occasions - weddings, birthdays, company parties, team buildings, group animation, children's parties (Arab princess), restaurants, clubs, theatrical productions, concerts, charity events etc. The belly dancer participate in events in Bulgaria and around the world. She present to you as well the unique belly dance fire show!.

Dancing light in most recent show - Enchanting dances combined with a play of light and dark make our new light show unique. White futuristic costumes light up under the UV light along with magical wings and fans. Our equipment can be programmed to suit the music and the dance with different coloured lights, modes etc. The most exciting addition to the show is the visual poi! In the skilled hands of Boriana Dimitrova the poi comes alive and can be programmed to depict a number of things – pictures, corporative logos, names or any other idea the client may have! A new and innovative light show. Follow the light as it paints a new magical reality before your eyes with the help of LED wings, fans and a visual poi!

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