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Nevena Tacheva

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Nevena Tacheva is award-winning belly dance artiste and certified by an internationally recognized choreographer in Germany. She is a teacher of modern and classic oriental dance. She is also Germany's vice-champion in classic oriental dance.  The dancer has numerous corporate and private performances. Beautiful, young, attractive, with expensive costumes, wonderful skills and class behavior. Her repertoire is rich, including a variety of elegant accessories - sails, veils, wings of Isis, sticks. Offers balancing performances of a candlestick or a tray with candles on the head or a dance with cymbals on the fingers in which the dancer plays and dances at the same time. She deals with every customer's attention, starting with corporate clients such as Lufthansa and L 'Oréal, passing through couples in love with a dream for a perfect wedding and reaching out to the many lovers who want to bring a surprise gift to a loved one. Looking for an authentic Oriental experience? Want to enchant your guests with the exotic rhythms of the Orient? If you want to surprise a loved one with a beautiful belly dance birthday show or you want your corporate party to be glamorous and exotic or you are getting marry and want a breathtaking show of your guests to make your wedding even more memorable, then she is the right one for you! The charming presence of the girl, her glamorous costumes and intriguing accessories will give your event a unique glamor. Experience a unique authentic belly dance show. Offer yourself an oriental show with a professional belly dance dancer with rich experience! She performs her dances at many festivals, spectacles, the TV Show Bulgaria's Got Talent, and other participations.


☆ Classic Oriental Dance - Raks Charki

☆ Shaabi - a modern party style, dancing with jeans

☆ Drum solo - dynamic dance of the oriental rhythms of the instrument tarbuca

☆ Saudi - Egyptian folk style, played with a stick

☆ Ballads - Characteristic, improvised Egyptian dance style

☆ Dance with candles - mystical fancy dance, performed with small candles in the hands

☆ Dance with a veil - fancy dance with a mystical silk veil as an accessory

☆ Dance with the wings of the goddess Isis - fancy dance with big shining wings as an accessory

☆ Fans Dance - fantasy dance with romantic fans with attached silk veils


A show with the oriental dancer is a particularly suitable form of fun for a wedding, wedding party, birthday, children's birthday, jubilee, maiden party, company party, banquet, charity concert or event.

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