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Sonya Pole

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Sonya Pole - ballet grace, the power of acrobatics, the choreography artistic, the science of mechanics of movement, the passion of eroticism - all of this is gathered in Pole Dance! Depending on your individual tastes and preferences in an intimate setting or through a spectacular show, the pole dancers will introduce you to a unique dance experience combined with unusual choreography, sensual rhythm and unusual acrobatics. If you have a special occasion or just want to have fun, if you have a birthday or have decided to surprise your soul mate in an unusual way, if you are wondering how to organize an unforgettable bachelor party or just something different - Party Pylon is your answer. Erotic show with acrobatics and non-standard choreography for an accent of a private party or another event. The pole dancers will create for you individual program and choreography of different style dances for every specific occasion. It is enough to have a smooth floor and a space of 3m in diameter. The pylon is movable and can be positioned without the need for surface damage in the room. It has its own stand and does not need to be fixed to the ceiling.

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