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Hello, friends of Bulgarian culture!

Тhe Bulgarian Theatre Salon in Geneva continues with the assistance of the Association for Bulgarian Education, Culture and Traditions "Dr. Stamen Grigorov"


This time we had the pleasure of seeing the irresistible Mikhail Bilalov in the original comedy production "BOOM-BOOM: Evolution of Criminal Thinking" by Vanya Nikolova, the screenwriter of some of the most successful Bulgarian series , films and shows in recent years as  "Undercover", "Fourth Estate" , "Liaisons", "The Naked Truth About the Zhiguli Band", "Big Brother", "Star Academyetc.


It is a myth that the life of underground bosses is not fun and full of curiosities. After his cult role of the mafia boss Jaro in the series "Undercover", Mikhail Bilalov returns as a new hero from the underground. Armed with his big mouth, bullet point and dark sense of humour, the eccentric boss is celebrating his 50th anniversary. But even then, his problems continue to haunt him: too much money, too many women, and to top it off, the world is already moving upside down. "Men used to go to bed with a woman and a gun. Now they go to bed with a phone and night face cream. That's why humanity will not survive," thinks Bilalov's character in his brilliant comedy monologues, which explode with laughter in the first minute.

​The performance took place on Saturday 10 December 2022 at 19:00 in the hall of the Center Geisendorf, rue de Lyon 58, 1203 Geneva


A cocktail after the performance gave the audience the opportunity to meet the actor and his team, exchange impressions and take pictures with the star.

Don't miss to see the next performance Mikhail Bilalov in the upcoming Bulgarian TV series "Guilt" where Vanya Nikolova  is again one of the screenwriters.


The premiere on BNT 1 is expected on January 5, 2023. 


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