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Born in a musical family Andrea takes music lessons from her aunt who is an opera singer in Vraca Opera. Soon after that in her teenage years she wins a bunch of beauty awards (Miss Sofia, Miss Tourism Bulgaria) but her true calling is music.

The artiste graces the cover of the Italian fashion magazine – “Donna Salon International”.

The British media “The Guardian” defined the performer as the most worthy candidate for Eurovision Song Contest and says that she is the only one who manages to incorporate Turkish and Romanian rhythm in her music. They also say that her music entertains people all over the world because of her ethnic music and pop sound.

BBC and Payam Forghani described her as a "superstar".

The entertainer manages to succeed with her international endeavours and performed on her concerts in Belgium, New York, Istanbul, Cyprus, Amsterdam etc. The singer’s international projects always make it to discos, clubs and bars in the world. The artiste also goes on a world tour where she performed her original show with own choreography and rocks people’s hearts in her homeland Bulgaria. The singer performs on every big Bulgarian concert. She is also the most viewed Bulgarian musician online. Her total view count exceeds 100 million.

During the years she wins over 30 awards like “Balkan Star” on “Beogradski Pobednik” in Belgrade, “European Performer of the Year” on “Kralevski Festival” in Kralevo Serbia, “Balkan Star” on “Montefolk Awards” in Montenegro. The artiste is awarded as “Best Balkan Singer” and “Best Bulgarian Singer” at DAF BAMA Music Awards in Germany and  win the 2018 Big Apple Music Award (BAMA 2018) for "Best Balkan Artist" in Los Angeles, USA.


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