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The family members on her maternal side were professional musicians. Discovered as a talent in the elementary school while Anelia was in second grade by her teacher Slavka Ivanova, she started performing on several occasions singing folk songs. In 1996 the artiste was accepted as a first student in her grade in “Philip Kutev” music school with a score of 100% on the Bulgarian instrument fiddle. Later on, she won many awards for her skills on the instrument. In the second course of her studying, the performer began singing more and training her voice to improve her singing technique. In her third year at the school, she began singing in public bars in her native city. In the summer of 2005, the entertainer was accepted in “Pancho Vladigerov” as number one in her grade for pop and jazz. Style magazine described her as the most stylish and the best dressed pop-folk singer of Bulgaria. The artiste's style is characterized by careful choice of accessories and not too heavy make-up. She was chosen a face for Pantene in 2005. In 2006, the singer received award for "The most stylish ladies hairstyle" of Pantene Beauty Awards Award. She became the face of many other brands. In 2008 the singer constantly surprised the public by switching from the pastel-oriented girl next door to a more diva style. The performer received many awards for most beautiful, stylish and attractive lady. Before she raised to fame as a professional singer, the entertainer was singing in clubs in Switzerland. Later she was on her way to America and Canada for her first prezokanako tour where the singer played twelve concerts. The tour had great success which led her to win the award of “International Pop Folk». The artiste is a star that has a 14-year successful career behind her. She has a characteristic style and a unique presence on the stage. With a wide range and rich musical skills, the singer is not genre-restricted in her performances. She performs equally well pop, pop folk, folklore, more modern and more oriental rhythms. Throughout the performer’s career, 23 of her singles have topped the Bulgarian music charts which makes the entertainer one of the most successful recording female artists in modern Bulgarian music. She has many concerts abroad in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Holland, Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus and others. Anelia conquer the stage of the TV show directed by  KIRIL KIROV - KIKO  "AS TWO DROPS OF WATER"


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