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Desi Slava is a Bulgarian singersongwriter and producer. The artiste is the niece of popular pop singer Mimi Ivanova and composer Razvigor Popov. Her musical stage performances began at an early age, when she began winning awards at festivals for children. Shortly afterwards, she became the main solo singer of the orchestra "Radnevo". This allowed her to be noticed by one of the most famous Bulgarian folklore singers of all time - Valkana Stoyanova, who took her under her wing, studied her and declared the performer as her only possible music heir among all of the students. The entertainer’s albums in the charts make it the gold discs in the history of Bulgarian music. Her albums were announced years by the specialized media and public as the super hit of the decade for Bulgaria. She is a performer who is known for her vocal skills, stylistic diversity, innovative approach and universality. The singer has a soft timbre, a rich and captivating voice. The artiste has always been an experimenter not only with her voice but also with her vision. It is not accidentally that she is defined as the angel's voice of Bulgaria. The singer has a rich repertoire of songs in different styles - pop, pop folk, folklore, jazz, chill out, rock, dance, and opera. She is an attractive artist whose individual style and presence make her unique and different. She has concerts in Romania, United Kingdom, Belgium, USA, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Netherlands, Germany, Macedonia, Czech Republic and others. In 2007, the performer was in the center of a huge media interest: she was filmed for the cover of the Bulgarian version of FHM magazine, she participated in the VIP version of the reality show Vip Brother in Bulgaria and participated in the national tour of The Comedians. In addition to singing, the entertainer participated in the sketches of the actors and showed a lot of artistry. For two years, along with other projects, she prepared songs in Spanish, mostly in the pop style and with a slight Caribbean and reggae influence. Some of the songs became internet hits. In Greece, a song of the singer was officially released in the album of Kostas Pio konta, published by Universal Music Greece. In 2011, an experimental album was released- an "experiment" - a combination of electronic music and folklore. The core of this band were the musicians from London – one of them Matt Cooper from “Incognito”. In the same year, the artiste started close cooperation with Romanian team, which resulted her with a single. Consequently, she decided to change her name for the dance projects. Her song was a summer hit, taking all first places in pop charts. This provided the performer with recognition by her colleagues from the pop industry. In 2012, a song through which the entertainer appeared on the Bulgarian Eurovision was released. In the semi-final, the singer was selected as number 1 by a jury and audience. At the final, she remained second. In the same year, the singer released her second single. The song was the work of the Romanian DJ Matias Endoor. The song was amongst the most popular summer hits. In July 2014, the singer was chosen to be a coach in the third season of the reality talent show "The Voice of Bulgaria" on bTV. The winner of the reality show was Kristina Ivanova, who was a singer in her team. The performer caused great admiration with her natural reactions, with her powerful rock'n'roll, the implementation and the dedicated work with her team of artists. In 2015 the entertainer enters the house of Big Brother All Stars and comes out the winner. On February 27, 2017, the singer was among the participants in the fifth season of the Imitation Show “As two drops of water”, where she reached the finals and finished second. The artiste has numerous awards and achievements.


Major international events:

  • 2007 – she was the first Bulgarian singer to give a concert at London's prestigious Jazz Club "Soho Revue". The show was titled "Cabaret Desislava" and on the stage with her were Vanco Manojlovic (played with Pink Floyd and The Who) and Matt Cooper of "Incognito"

  • 2008 - MAD Video Music Awards 2008 in Greece. She was the first Bulgarian singer who sang on stage at the Mad Video Music Awards. She sang alongside Greek sex symbol Kostas Martakis.

  • 2008 her single "Never end" - a dance single, released by Universal Music Spain in the best-selling dance summer compilation - Disco Estrella. Also in 2008, she participated in "Let’s Duet" - a reality show where she had the opportunity to show the audience her amazing performances across genres: Bulgarian folklore, Macedonian songs, disco, rock, metal, r & b, opera, movie music, folk, Greek, Bulgarian and Russian traditional songs.

  • 2009 her single "My Pleasure, My Pain" - Recorded and produced in London by producer John Themis (worked with Spice Girls, Shugarbabes, Rod Stewart, Boy George, Kylie Minogue, George Michael, etc.), who was also the author of the song. The style of the ballad is a British rock. "My Pleasure, My Pain" was broadcast on MTV.

  • 2010 – When the great Turkish pop star Mustafa Sandal was in Bulgaria, he chose to invite the performer to sing with him in his concert in Bulgaria.

  • 2012 – she was the only performer from Bulgaria, invited to sing at the most prestigious Balkan Awards - Media Music Awards. There, she performed on the same stage as the best Romanian stars.


Movie appearances:

  • 2005 – the entertainer’s song "Lie" became part of the soundtrack and the plot of the Bulgarian film "Lady Z", which received many Balkan awards.

  • 2010 - the French television channel "M6" made a documentary about the phenomenon "pop folk" and devoted a great part of it to the singer.

  • 2011 – the artiste took part in the Bulgarian sound of 3D "Rio" for 20th Century Fox.

  • 2011 – She had a major role in the film "Small - Large", directed by Yassen Grigorov, in partnership with the great photographer Temelko Temelkov. The film was awarded with a "Golden Rose".

  • 2012 – She had a major role in the TV series “Столичани в повече”


Few of some others:

  • 2007/2009 – the performer was the commercial face of the world's largest internet bookmaker Sportingbet.

  • 1999 Award for live performance at the festival "Golden Mustang"

  • 2000 Award of the "World Arts Festival" in Hollywood (USA) in the section on pop music Award for the hit of the year

  • 2007 ‘FHM’ magazine – The sexiest Bulgarian woman

  • (1998-2008) Award for successful missions to the Red Cross charity


On 27 February 2017, the singer was among the participants in the fifth season of the Imitation Show "As Two Drops of Water" directed by KIRIL KIROV - KIKO, where she reached the finals and finished second.



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