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Dimana gets an artistic nickname invented by the readers of "24 Hours" newspaper. She studied with a musical profile and later in a pop singing class. Although the artiste is in pop singing field, she does not stand aside and from the folk. Her love for pop folk begins in the eighth grade when she begins to listen to songs and tries to make the characteristic curves. To her qualification, the performer adds an education in musical pedagogy at University. She has been playing violin from eight years. The style the entertainer will bet on is a modern pop with ethno elements. In 2002 she won First Prize at an International Festival in the Italian town Fivizzano. In her repertoire there are songs in English, Italian and French. At the beginning of 2005, the singer declared excellent musical abilities with his first recorded song. She accumulates rich music experience, despite her fragile age, which it is making her ready for great challenges. She has concerts abroad in USA, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom and others.


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