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Djordan is with an easily recognizable voice, with a soft and lyrical timbre. Undoubtedly, the young singer has one of the best voices of the modern pop-folk scene. His talent is indisputable. The artiste’s warm and lyrical timbre brought him the definition of "the most romantic voice of Bulgaria", and the exceptional ornamentation helps him easily to perform songs in all genres. From a young age he is occupying with music and at the age of 19 he starts his professional career. From his work with various formations the performer creates a rich repertoire of Bulgarian pop folk, folklore and Balkan music. Already with the appearance of his first songs he attracted the attention and conquered the hearts of the fans. The entertainer has a sense of party and superbly feels the mood of the audience. The young performer is always ready to experiment and to provoke, with which further he enhances interest in himself. He won a prize from the Balkan Festival in Croatia for a Balkan hit of 2007 and many other awards. His songs are liked and loved by the audience. The singer continues to seek, to experiment, and to create new songs, subject to his high musical criteria, always offering some interesting or spicy provocation with which to attract the interest of the audience. In his repertoire he has over 300 songs in Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian, Turkish, Albanian, Gypsy, as well and folklore from different regions of Bulgaria, and this makes him a desirable performer across Europe. He has concerts abroad in Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus.


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