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Djulia - About her name will be spoken more and more often, when it becomes a question about pop-folk. From very little the singer has interest in music, and at the age of 9 she began to attend folk singing, solmization and piano lessons. The artiste graduated with a specialty in National songs. Then she worked with several orchestras, mainly on the Black Sea coast. The practice enables the young girl to develop her voice, enrich her repertoire, and easily sing songs of different musical styles.

A decisive turn in her career as a singer put up her friendship with Fiki. The two met at Kiten, in a popular place where she sang at the time. Fiki is strongly intrigued by the young girl's vision and talent. He is the person who leads her to an audition on which the entertainer performed it impressively.

The young singer grabs the attention with her vision, with impeccable live singing and magnetic scenic behavior. She is one of the singers who, with each of her next projects, show that they have talent and a developed sense of good music. The young artiste managed to stand out with her debut music project and definitely confirmed the expectations for a serious future on the music scene. Despite her youth, she has enough experience as a professional singer, and in her repertoire are included songs from different musical styles. The viewers are fascinated by the performer’s naturalness and immediacy. The entertainer has international concerts. As being quite symbolic, the first one was in Brussels. Along with her pop folk career, the singer performs folk songs and has a rich repertoire of Thracian, Northern and Macedonian songs.


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