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Emanuela has a unique, markedly exported lyrical voice, with a very specific timbre. She is immediate, emotional and conquering, even at first glance, always stands out and can’t remain unnoticed. She is distinguished with a unique sexy style of clothing that leaves no indifferent viewers, and above all, emphasizes the beauty of the singer, and the magnetic and emerald look is just enchanting. She is from the happy ones that are gifted by the fate with artistic talent, and this is evident in everything with which they engage - whether they will sing, play a role, whether they will be among the stars in realities, they are always in the focus of the show and the cameras do not separate from them. She has many qualities that she can’t and does not want to contain and conceal: beautiful, talented, brave, direct, seductive, tempting, aggressive, decisive to the extreme. She decided to become a singer, because this is her way to manifest herself, her own personality so that to be heard by a maximum number of people, on the other hand this is the most natural realization of the enormous creative energy that rages in her. Strong creative years are following for the artiste, in which she writes hitly titles that are a magnet for the growing interest of fans for her, on top of the music charts, she wins awards in music forums, participation in many concerts and forums, collaborations with successful international performances, turning it into one of the desired participants in national tours. The star's outstanding acting talent gave her a possibility to play one of the main roles in the series "Where is the older brother", where she has partnered with some of the most popular Bulgarian comedic actors. The big popularity and the attractive appearance make her a desirable model for the covers of many magazines, including FHM, Esquire, Harpeps Bazar. The singer is the only Bulgarian woman who appeared on the pages of the Australian edition of FHM magazine, and in the FHM's "100 Most Sexy Women of the World" ranking for 2008, she reached 63rd place. In 2016 the performer has been declared for sex-symbol of the decade. The singer performed a series of successful concerts in the US and Canada. Undoubtedly, she is a wonderful singer, it is a pleasure to listen her songs and to watch her spectacular videos, but the real strength of the enormous and artistic talent is revealed when you are in the hall and enjoying her spectacle. Then the magic comes to life with all its power, conquers your senses, subjugates your dreams and desires of the sovereign mistress, the star of the stage. In his repertoire, the entertainer performs over 250 songs: pop folk, pop, Balkan folk, folklore and more. She has concerts in USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Germany, Belgium, Malta and others


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