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Fiki is a Bulgarian singer of Turkish descent. The artiste is the son of the famous singer Toni Storaro. The performer graduated with specialty "Pop and jazz singing". Music is his life. Besides it, the entertainer's other passion is sport. He goes to the gym and boxing regularly, which obviously affects his figure. He is among the five Bulgarians selected for more than 110-member international choir Voices of Youth Music who participate in the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. ". Personally the known British conductor Richard Frostick elects him among more than 1,000 candidates. In the casting the singer appeared with two songs of Stevie Wonder - "Lately" and "I Just Called to Say I Love You". An incredible voice of three and a half octaves, embossed body, charming smile - these are just some of the characteristics that stand out as soon as the artiste comes out on stage. And by adding to them his great humanity, good heart and respectful attitude to all, it becomes clear why tens of thousands of girls are sighing on him, watching every step of his life, not missing participation, and knowing his hits by heart. The singer works very hard, develops his talent and records new songs, each of which is a bigger hit than the previous one. His love for folk music is also well known, which he performs perfectly. The performer has won many awards. He has many concerts in Belgium, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Macedonia and others. FIKI  also has won the season 8 of "As two drops of water" TV show directed by KIRIL KIROV - KIKO. Currently she us one of the returning participants in the ninth All Stars season of the show.


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