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Gery-Nikol is a Bulgarian pop and R & B singer. Dance is her favorite activity that accompanies the performer’s life - from a little one she went to modern ballet lessons, and later she is also involved in ragha dance. The artiste is also interested in acting, recognizing that she likes to play storylines and enter in different roles. At the age of ten, the entertainer was chosen to play the lead role in the short Bulgarian film "Destiny". In the seventh grade, she started accelerated lessons on singing and solmization. The singer’s efforts are rewarded and the young girl's talent stands out in front of the committee of musical pedagogues who rank her first in the class "Pop and jazz singing" at the National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov" in Varna. She has participated in two international festivals, with which she has won prizes.

In 2014 the artiste participates in the world reality show "X-Factor". She provokes interest in Beyoncé's "Flawless" songs and Fergie's "Little party never killed nobody". A short time later, the Jury of the format decided that the performer would be part of the Sweet 16 band. The band performs brilliantly at seven of the big concerts broadcast directly on Nova Television and becomes the absolute favorite of the audience. The jury of the format is impressed by the group's appearance. The performer becomes the most watched participant in the video sharing channel "You tube" from all participants in the third season of X-Factor - Bulgaria, which predicts the subsequent undisputed success that the young star realizes.

In 2015 she started her own career. Her music videos have millions of views on YouTube which turn them into some of the most popular songs for all time in Bulgarian music. The entertainer has won and many awards.

In 2018 the singer starred in one of the lead roles in the movie "Revolution X".


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