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Gloria's father plays a kaval and her mother performs folk songs. She appeared on stage for the first time in her kindergarten years. The discoverer of the vocal capabilities of the singer is her music teacher. In the fourth grades she is included in the choir "Dunavski vulni". In 1991 the Izvor Orchestra invited her as a singer. In early 1992, they went to work in Montenegro. The artiste is a pattern. Everyone compares to her. For all, she is the top criterion for quality and success. The performer’s albums are the best-selling in Bulgaria. Her albums get platinum and gold sales certificate. The prima of the modern folk paved the way for the genre abroad - she performed a very successful concert in Spain, and a report from the show was broadcast on the Spanish "Tele Madrid". The entertainer performed and others unforgettable and amazing concerts which are undergoing to an exclusive interest in Greece, Israel, Australia, USA, Canada, Monaco, UK, Turkey and others. In 2007 the singer becomes part of the jury in "Music Idol". In 2013 the artiste takes part in the dancing show "Dancing Stars". She is the Prima and the queen of pop folk. Without her the Bulgarian pop folk will not be the same. Outstanding talent, iron professionalism and self-discipline, will and ambition. More than 15 years on top. Her name is a trademark of high quality, music value as well and a synonymous with talent, creative vigor, high class, diligence, remarkable professionalism, tenacity, and will. Rich and charming voice, she is singing everything. Her achievements are acknowledged not only by the fans of the most popular music in Bulgaria, but also by specialists, journalists and critics. Her popularity goes beyond genre confines and transmutes her into one of the most successful artists in the modern history of Bulgarian music.


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