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Kali artistic nickname was invented by the famous singer and showman Slavi Trifonov. The artiste is professionally engaged in singing from young age. Her talent was noticed already when she was 15 years old at a wedding when the invited singer did not come and the performer was singing for her. At the end of the fest, she accepted the orchestra's proposal to become their solist. Then followed their numerous shows throughout the country. Three years later, the singer accepted a job in Vienna and spent two years singing in the tavern “Sokrates” in the Austrian capital under the artistic pseudonym Anna-Maria, while the rest of the time with the orchestra they make a tour to the surroundings of Vienna and play in Bouzoukia. She is one of the artists invited to take part in commemorative concerts in memory of the Jews persecuted during Hitler's time, organized in the Mauthausen area. The entertainer has also appeared on the national TV ORF2. The singer has a specific vocal ornament, and the most characteristic feature of her is that, regardless of her current state, she is always ready to sing. The artiste has a sense of musical experiments and improvisations, she holds a diploma for a jazz lecturer, and she can play guitar and baglama. Мost of the performer’s songs bear strong personal feelings and emotional messages. She has concerts in USA, Canada, Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Italy and Spain.


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