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Kamelia is a Bulgarian singer, actress and TV presenter. Her musical debut is from 11 years old, as a soloist of the school choir with whom she performs a Russian song. The artiste’s first appeared in the public space, winning the Miss Chiprovtsi and Miss Montana beauty contests at that time. In parallel with that, she makes her first steps as a singer. She started singing at weddings and christenings in Northwestern Bulgaria as a band soloist. In the spring of 1996, the performer was liked by the head of Vidin Orchestra Veni Petkov and became part of the orchestra. Since early 1997, the entertainer has been seriously involved in singing. The singer also participated in the festival “The Gold Mustang” in Varna, where she won 3 awards. Her popularity has grown considerably, and her participations in clubs have become an integral part of her everyday life. The artiste's albums have been announced as platinum, gold and a record of sales speed in the country. Her hits became a folk-emblem, remaining for a long time the top of all music charts. She has taken part in a swimsuit photo shoot in Playboy magazine. In September 2005, she was filmed on TV advertising for the "Vita gold" slimming coffee. In September 2006, she was shot on a TV advertisement for the energy drink "Tantra". At the end of 2007, the entertainer travelled to the United States, where she performed a two-month tour. Later, she received a proposal to become the TV Presenter of the funny-humorous "The Big Mouth" show on Nova TV, which is a concomitant show to the national TV reality VIP Brother. The artiste was defined by many magazines as the sexiest Bulgarian star. On March in 2012 she takes part in the comedy series "Rakia Sunrise", which is part of the Show of Slavi on BTV. Slavi is a famous Bulgarian singer and showman. In the same year the artiste became the TV Presenter of Miss Bulgaria competition. In the fall of 2013, she is again in her job of TV show. The show that the artiste leads is called "Mars and Venus" and is broadcast on "Nova TV". She is also a mentor and coach in the seasons 4,5 and 6 of  "The Voice of Bulgaria". 


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