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Konstantin - sport and music are his enthusiasm for a little one. The singer graduated from a sports school. With music he began to occupy seriously since 1999. In 2006, the artiste entered the house of Vip Brother (1 season). There he continues to the big final and becomes the winner. In the end of 2017, the performer entered in Big Brother: Most Wanted. There he gets to the final. On February 26 begins the new season of the fun show As two drops of water, where the entertainer is one of the eight participants. There he arrived to the final. The singer is called Mr. Black Rose from his hit of the same name that shot him in the orbit of the big of the pop folk. Ballads remain his trademark and today. Regardless of the romantic halo, he is a complex singer, with preferences for fast, rhythmic, joking songs. He has concerts in USA, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Macedonia, UK and others.



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