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Malina  - As a student from 1 to 12 grade she graduated with 6.00. The singer also attends extracurricular activities - she sings in choir, attends lessons in mathematics, trains. She has been professionally engaged in folk dances for 11 years, and later and with oriental, as a dancer in the Gypsy Aver Orchestra, she has been touring in Switzerland and in many cities of the former Yugoslavia. In the early 90's a video tape with the orchestra, "The magic of oriental dance," was released. The artiste has inherited the talent of her mother, who also sings and dances very well! In order to realize her full talent on stage, the performer also worked with her musical pedagogue - the chief conductor of Zagore ensemble Dimitar Kolev. After starting to occupy professionally with music, she has participation in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Cyprus, Macedonia and others. The entertainer makes an impression of the audience bating with her songs and with her dances. In the international Eurodance dance contest her hit impresses with the playful mix of dance and folk and reaches the first place with a huge lead over the rest of the songs. The song won the competition in 2004. The singer takes part in a range of TV and radio broadcasts. Over the years, the singer also won many awards. She the fiery element of the pop folk. The singer, who in her artistic way recognizes only one direction - up. She hates to be one of many, places patterns in the stage performance of artists from pop folk. Emblematic with her dancing skills and the challenges which she is constantly taking. A jaguar, was part of the artiste's show. She really understands from a spectacle.


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