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Mihaela Fileva

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Mihaela Fileva - The wonderful young girl is already a well-known singer. One of the brightest young stars on the Bulgarian scene has gained immense popularity since her participation in the big TV music show “The X-Factor”.  She immediately falls in love with music. The artiste starts playing the piano when she is six but shortly after she realized her passion is singing. She is schooled by the best musical tutors in town – Maria Kasabova (classical singing) and Petya Krasteva (pop & jazz). Later, as a studio “Rumina” graduate, the performer gains a lot of stage experience participating in festivals and competitions locally and abroad (Moldova, France, Italy, Poland etc).  She is responsible for many awards won by the studio.

After her participation in the TV competition “Hit minus one” she is invited by the programme’s author Kiril Ampov to host the show. The entertainer applies for the National Music Academy School and she is accepted winning first place with a pop & jazz subject in associate professor Stefka Onikyan’s class. Right off her first academic year, the young singer gains success and recognition. She participates in the music reality show “The X-Factor” and becomes one of the three favorites of her mentor – Maria Ilieva. She performs live on the finals which ensured her future music career. In 2014, the artiste participated in the dancing reality Dancing stars, along with some of the most current names in the showbiz. Her partner is Svetlyo, with whom they finish second in the race. In 2016 she is a judge in the fifth season of "Bulgaria is looking for talent".  The magazine Grazia gave her awards for Woman of the Year. The performer have won many music and other awards. In 2019 she  joins Star Coaching Staff in the Voice of Bulgaria TV Show to appreciate the young musical talent. In May 2019 Mihaela won the BG Radio 2019 Music awards for the best album. In July 2020 the singer won the BG Radio 2020 Music awards for the best female singer. In July 2021 she won again the BG Radio 2021 Music awards for the best album. 


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