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Miro is a Bulgarian singer and songwriter who represented Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song "Angel si ti". The artiste is the son of the famous painter, writer, composer, director and singer Miroslav Adinov, whose story is told by the biographer Jim Wildcat in "Miroslav Adinov: the man, the legend". The performer began playing the piano and creating music of the moment he sat in front of a musical instrument. His obvious musical talent was also noticed by his parents and their relatives, and on their advice they registered their seven-year-old son at a music school. After receiving numerous awards from various national and international festivals, he collaborated with many of his friends who were also well-known musicians. After winning the statuette of the most elegant man in 2007 he became an advertising face of the Dolce & Gabanna youth line - D & G.  In 2007 received - "Best Dressed Man" by PANTENE FASHION AWARDS as well BG Fashion Icon 2009 "by" Fashion Lifestyle Magazine ". In 2011, 2013 and 2014, the performer is a vocal coach in the TV show The Voice of Bulgaria, and in 2013 the winner is a member of his team. In the spring of 2014, the entertainer leads the show "True Love." In 2013, the artiste is Ambassador of Giorgio Armani for Bulgaria and is number 8 in the first ranking of Forbes magazine for Bulgarian celebrities. The performer also won numerous awards outside of the musical scene - as a personality and influence on modern culture. The artiste has been in the music industry from 16 years and has already won and other prestigious awards. He has also been invited to perform in Turkey and Kazakhstan, where his songs blew everyone away, including the jury. The songs of the performer brings him honors from all the representative awards in Bulgaria, even receiving an international prize from MAD TV Greece. In 2017, the singer is invited to take part in the show "As Two Drops of Water". In June 2018 Miro's song "Pigeon" was awarded with three statues during  the ceremony of the BG Radio 2018 Music awards for best song, best text and best video. In May 2019 Miro won the BG Radio 2019 Music awards for the best video. In July 2021 he won the BG Radio 2021 Music awards for the best song & text 

The 20th Annual Music Awards of BG Radio were handed out at a glamorous ceremony in Kolodrum Hall, Plovdiv on June 11, 2022. Miro won again the hearts of the listeners and was chosen as "BG Artist", and his album "Mirogled" won an award for "BG Album"

Miro and ALMA, the creators of one of the most loved songs of the past year, "More", will share the stage and the award "BG Song" and "BG Combination" for their charismatic collaboration during during BG Radio 2023 Annual Awards. Miro won the awards for Best BG singer and Best BG Combination (with Maria) during BG Radio 2024 Annual Awards

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