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Pavell & Venci Venc'

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Pavell & Venci Venc' are among the most creative, productive and loved hip-hop artists on the Bulgarian music scene. Both of them fall in love with music already as children. In time, Venci is attracted by advertising, followed by philosophy, but the passion for the stage prevails. Pavell devoted entirely to music. In 2012, the two boys meet and feel immediately that they can create together. Soon afterwards, they received an invitation for participation in a club and they began to accept making music much more seriously. Apart from the authors and performers of their repertoire, they both actively work on the lyrics and arrangements of tracks for others. Thanks to their creativity both of them fired for a very short time like a rocket at the top. They are involved as well in the TV show "The voice of Bulgaria" as TV Presenters. In "The voice of Bulgaria" There they went on casting among people with a lot of experience. Despite this typically in their style they succeed. Both of them impressed the jury with improvisations and their sense of humor. And not only this, they are playing a role as actors in the Bulgarian TV series “Expensive heirs”. In June 2018 Pavell & Venci Venc' won the BG Radio Music award for the best duoIn July 2020 they won the BG Radio 2020 Music awards for the best BG song together with Lubo Kirov


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