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Preslava sang her first song when she was 7 years old. She started singing in nightclubs at age of 15. She is one of the brightest and most significant names of Bulgarian music in the last decade. She has a unique voice with a huge range. The singer knows perfectly her voice and practically she is able to sing everything. Thanks to her voice capabilities, the performer is able to recreate from brightly lyrical to highly dramatic musical parties. She sings everything from pop-folk through Bulgarian folk songs to pop, rock, jazz. She is the first singer winner of the award "Music Idol" award on Planeta TV, and the only one in the history of pop folk, whose total titles "Singer of the Year" are estimated at 13. The singer has also been awarded with two international awards for the most popular Bulgarian singer abroad and for Balkan star of the International Music Awards respectively in Montenegro and Istanbul. She is also one of the most awarded Bulgarian singers - her honors and prizes are almost 60 in number, acquired for 10 years.


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