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Rayna is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer and singer of traditional music. Her name is chosen after her father goes to baba Vanga the medium, with whom he has a preliminary arrangement. He fulfills the charge of the prophetess and brings the ordered basin, doll, and flowers. Baba Vanga takes the carnations, chooses one of them and says, "Rayna will be called the child, so you will call her, don’t give her another nickname." After a month the singer is lucky to be baptized by the Bulgarian world famous phenomenon medium baba Vanga. In the 6th grade she enrolled for modelling courses, while practicing sports dances. A little bit later the artiste enrolled to practice karate, studying folk singing, and practicing athletics. Before starting her career as a singer, she has been a professional model for five years. The artiste takes part in the dance reality show "Vip Dance" where she is in a team with Fahradin Fahradinov and two professional dancers. After three months of challenging racing, their tandem reached the final and won the dance format. In 2010 the performer has a concert in Istanbul at Eseniurt Shakir stadium. In In March 2012, she is touring the US for her first Pre-Christmas tour, including 11 concerts. In the end of 2013, the entertainer takes part in the Big Brother, becoming one of the favorites in the show. The singer reaches the final. On June in 2016, she goes on a summer tour in America. The young singer is an amazing combination of perfect vision, excellent voice capacities and natural magnetism. The performer performs songs from various musical styles, mostly pop folk and folk songs. In her repertoire there are both wonderful ballads as well as disco tracks and songs with oriental rhythm. She has concerts in Italy, Macedonia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Greece, Spain and USA.


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