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Tsvetelina Yaneva is a Bulgarian pop folk and folk singer. Prior to starting her solo career in May 2008, she worked as a professional singer for 2 years in the popular band “Orpheus”, where the director was her father Georgi Ianev and the solo singer – her mother Pepa Ianeva. Since she was a little girl, the artiste has been performing on the stage with the band. The singer initially started her career by performing folklore songs, but eventually orientated towards pop and jazz music in her teenage years. She attended singing lessons. The beauty with a fantastic voice made her debut in July 2008. In mid-August, the performer and her band left for Budapest to perform at a big pop and jazz festival. The entertainer’s success was recognized with many awards. She continued working and making her fans happy, not only in Bulgaria, but throughout Europe, as well. The singer always puts music first. The artiste has a pleasant, easy-to-remember voice with exceptional dynamics and the well-trained folk ornament helps her to sing all genres of music equally well. A solid support in her musical career gives her the experience gained as a soloist of Orpheus Orchestra. She has concerts in Hungary, Spain, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Turkey and North Macedonia.


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