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Impressively beautiful, intriguing and provocative, Vanya is among the names that boldly introduce an innovative spirit in the modern pop folk in Bulgaria. Her musical talent has inherited from her mother, who was soloist in Pirin folk ensemble. Her first singing performances she made at six years old, and at the age of 10 the singer is already part of the Orchestra of "Hristo Smirnenski". She has been actively involved with singing from a long time. The talent and the artistry of the beauty are obvious and the performer started to build a pop folk career. Already with her first appearances, she conquered the hearts of the fans. After these hits the artiste makes a furor with her next songs. The style of the singer can’t be mistaken and has what to be heard in her repertoire - from beautiful ballads to club hits. The singer’s career develops even more intensively, indicative for this is her increased popularity among the fans of the modern folk. The entertainer's repertoire includes over 200 songs from different genres: pop folk, Serbian, Greek, folklore, pop and more. She has concerts in Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Belgium and others.


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