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VenZy is a Bulgarian pop, hip-hop and R'n'B performer, composer and songwriter. The singer comes from a musical kin. His great-grandfather was a violinist in Argentina. His grandmother was children’s pedagogue of singing and accordion. Their musical heritage flows into the artiste's blood, and with his first words he started singing. Raised in Sofia, the performer is still inspired mainly by the urban culture. He is an up and coming Bulgarian artiste, but has already made few solo tracks and some collaborations. The entertainer discovers his talent at a very young age. In 1990 he joins the “Children’s radio choir” of which he is a member for three years. One year later the singer enters a musical class in the 144 “Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival” school. There, the artiste participates in the children’s choir up to his 7-th grade. Then the performer graduated University with speciality tuning. He enters the studio in the beginning of 2011, supported by a Bulgarian independent label and DJ Darkstep. In that period, he works with several different artists. He makes hip-hop tracks and some gigs in Sofia with Birdy. The entertainer works in dubstep. He also has live performances with DJ Special A, DJ Legendary and Starteras. In 2012, he makes several guest appearances as a back vocal with the “ONE SOUL” reggae band. They make their most popular live performance at the “Sofia is Breathing” festival in August. Shortly after, he was invited in a joint project by the reggae organization “Roots and Sound” whose main objective was to make the reggae scene in South-Western Europe popular. The members of that organization were famous artists from the Balkans and a Bulgarian reggae label including Jahmmy Youth, Zafayah, NRG D and more. Afterwards, the artiste becomes one of the people’s favourite. The singer won music awards. In 2014 the performer enters in the world-famous "Dancing Stars" format. He becomes an advertising face for “Kubeti”, and his voice sounds in their ads. He is and an advertising face of the famous Queen's brand. His songs instantly become some of the greatest hits on the pop scene.


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