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Vilislav is Bulgarian pop-folk and pop singer. At the age of 8, he began to play folk dances in "Turnovche" Dance-Adolescent Dance Ensemble, where his love for the Bulgarian folklore is born. But only a year later, his school music teacher notices his vocal talents and directs him in a different direction - encouraging him to start going to singing and solmization lessons. Then studied pop and jazz singing in a Music Academy. During the years of his education there, the artiste focused his attention mainly on pop music. Over time he is getting better and better vocally and began to perform at many young talent competitions in Bulgaria and later in abroad. An impetus on his way to the realization in the music sphere gives him the great success, which he has achieved at the Eurotalent International Talent Competition in Naples, Italy in January 2015. The performer won the big prize at the festival and after his return to Bulgaria, the media started talking about him and the talented boy was noticed. The entertainer makes his debut on the professional music scene in 2015. The singer is invited to present Bulgaria with a song of him at the Univer Song Contest in July 2015 on the island of Tenerife, Spain. The performer wins the Best Voice Award and the song falls into several Spanish radio charts. The artiste won and other awards. He brought gold medals from Armenia, Romania, Russia, Italy, Spain and many others. Plus the talent the charmer can boasts with a current and modern vision.


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