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Nouman Khalid

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Nouman Khalid  is Qatari celebrity. He was born in Doha, Qatar. In the age of just 11 he realized that he has this talent of becoming a vocalist. So he started working hard to make his vocals mature at the same time he was also performing in live shows on different platforms.

Nouman Khalid got into the music industry professionally after he completed his bachelor’s degree in (IT) back in 2002 & started recording his own composition & lyrics with DJ Ali Mustafa. After a year of recording Nouman Khalid realized that he still needs to work on his vocals & for that reason he will have to learn classical music so he started practicing with his Ustad, Shafi Mohammad.
After a year of training Nouman Khalid again jumped into this field making it his career, with much more passion, big dreams & A better aim in his mind. He again started recording with DJ Ali Mustafa in 2004.

Nouman Khalid, famous for his 'Desi Thumka', debuted in the music industry with his album, 'Tanhai'. He has performed almost with all the big names in Pakistani music industry like Strings, Atif, Ali Zafar etc.

Now Nouman Khalid is based in New York, Pakistan, Qatar. He is International Punjabi Singing Sensation.

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