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TONI STORARO grew up in a family of musicians, and naturally, from a very young age, showed his abilities in this field. From a child he plays accordion and piano, and then becomes oriented towards singing. He began to emerge as a singer at venues and celebrations already from 14 years old. He has been singing in taverns for a long time, which ignites his great love for Greek music. The singer releases dozens of songs that turn into hits. All of his albums are extremely successful. Toni Storaro has established himself as one of the most actual hit names in new Bulgarian popular music. The voice man called by his fans, has a unique low warm, thick, deep and pleasant to listen voice. Extremely rich timbre, ornamentation, great range and expressiveness. Toni Storaro is a perfectly routine and well versed in his voice performer. He has an extremely rich and varied repertoire. The performer sings equally well in four languages - Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish and Serbian. He sings in many different styles also performs folk songs from different regions, as well as a Bulgarian pop. The artist has many awards. He has performed also many duet songs with Bulgarian and Balkan stars. His biggest advantage: Toni Storaro has an exceptional stage presence. Very charismatic and winsome. He has perfect improvisation and the ability to create emotion in the audience. His appearance causes a real furore. Perfect pro. Toni Storaro solidifies his peaks as a favorite artist in pop folk. Each song in his albums has a dynamic, different and exotic sound and offers the musical richness of the Orient, presented in the most commercial way possible. The singer has many participations in Greece, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and USA.


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