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At the age of 12 Emilia began to study folk singing. The singer continues her studies in a musical class. She is one of the most beautiful faces and one of the most melodious voices. In her repertoire there are pop folk songs, songs with Balkan sound and folk songs. The artiste has an enviable opportunities in the field of folk singing. She is able to perform songs from the Thracian, Rhodopean, Shoppian and Strandja regions. The performer has a high, soft and warm voice. Because of the wonderful performance of ballads, she is often defined as the "angelic" voice. The entertainer leaves excellent impressions of her performances in many national tours. She took part as an actress in the Nova TV series "Payback". The singer has concerts in Macedonia, Turkey, UK, Austria, Spain, Australia, Greece, USA, Russia and others.

As tribute to Denis Teofikov memory, Emilia released the video of their last 2 song "You will be counted again" and "Solely". The large-scale production, was realized with the participation of one of the most famous actors in Bulgarian cinema. Among them are Alexander Sano, Mihail Bilalov, Marian Valev and Kiril Efremov - stars of the TV series "Undercover".

"If you could see it now… I know there would be no prouder person than you! You are the only one and irreplaceable" wrote his colleague and friend Antonio.

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