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Increasingly referred to as the Bulgarian Justin Bieber, the young Denis Teofikov is already a serious name on the Bulgarian music stage. He grew up in a musical family - his mother Venera is a singer and his father Ateshkan-Atesh a famous guitarist. The new talented pop-folk and pop performer graduated from music school. Denis has participated in some of the biggest music reality formats in Bulgaria - "Bulgaria’s Got Talent" (2014) and "X Factor" (2017). At the age of 21, one of our best young performers  - Denis Teofikov - passed away. The singer will forever remain in our hearts as a young and infinitely talented boy who briefly became an idol for the audience and managed to reach the top of music. With his charisma and total hits, Denis Teofikov dominated the audience, and the stage literally shone, whoever he got on it.

We will always remember the energy he put into everything he did and especially the music, the energy he gave to all of us. With great sorrow and sadness we part with you, Denis Teofikov, but you remain forever in our hearts! A tribute to your memory! Blue Skylight Media express our sincere condolences to the family and relatives of Denis Teofikov! 

As tribute to his memory, our music star Emilia released the video of their last song "You will be counted again" and "Solely". The large-scale production, was realized with the participation of one of the most famous actors in Bulgarian cinema. Among them are Alexander Sano, Mihail Bilalov, Marian Valev and Kiril Efremov - stars of the TV series "Undercover".

"If you could see it now… I know there would be no prouder person than you! You are the only one and irreplaceable" wrote his colleague and friend Antonio. 


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